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Kent Addleman, L.Ac., MSOM, Dipl.O.M

is a highly trained specialist in his field and has been dedicated to the extensive study of acupuncture and Oriental medicine since the early 1990’s and earlier. His credentials include:

~NCCAOM board certification as a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine, the highest certification level awarded in the field, which comprehensively covers all aspects of Oriental Medicine, including acupuncture and herbology and other related therapies

~ Master of Science in Oriental Medicine degree from the prestigious International Institute of Chinese Medicine, cited by the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation for having one of the finest faculties and curricula in the nation

~Training from award winning staff of close to a dozen authentically trained Chinese Doctors of Oriental Medicine of mainland China including Tantan Huang and Kezhuang Zhao, renowned Oriental Medical Doctors. Learning acupuncture and Oriental medicine directly from Chinese professors helped to provide clarity and a greater understanding of the complex field.

~ Four year internship with Chinese OMDs at the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico, additional internship at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Santa Fe, N.M.; completion of the institute’s four year program of intensive training in all aspects of Oriental medicine including, acupuncture, Chinese herbal pharmacology, nutritional therapy, auricular therapy, tuina, guasha, qigong, & tai ji chuan.

In addition to treating patients he has been a frequent guest speaker on Oriental Medicine at various colleges, universities and organizations. His interests include beekeeping and organic honey production, mead-making, hiking, sailing, practicing qi gong and tai ji chuan, and taking care of his 18 year old cat.